You Don't Have To Be Sick

The body can heal itself in miraculous ways, in ways that science cant explain yet. The day I actually started to put into practice,  what I have learned, was the day I changed my life forever.   I started to see, everything different.   I started to look at sickness and disease differently.   I looked at our food,  and what we put into our body, in away I have not looked at it before, and  I have never looked at western medicine the same again.

      I had years of being diagnosed with many things, not to mention all the missed diagnoses. Thinking if only I find the right doctor that would give me the right pill, then i could be fixed. This was my mind set, and I see this is the mind set of many people out there.  With years of disappointments in our medical system, and faith in our food supply.  I was only growing worse, missing out of living, having my life passing me by.  I was determined to get well. I had all the time in the world, to research and study, in between all my pain and agony.

      Looking back on the process I went through, and seeing all the areas I explored.  I see now that only through these steps, was how I could have found out, what I found out.   A whole new world was opened up to me, without pain of sickness and disease.  A world of wellness where I was in control, not a disease controlling me.  I took my life back in my own hands and stopped relying on our medical system,  to fix me.  I fixed myself, and I am writing a book, to tell all.  

   I am starting this blog to share with you some of my research, information, and some helpful links a long the way, I feel it's a way on getting this out there fast, as I'm in the middle of writing my book.  Here in this blog you will find out how I did it, and how you, or someone you love, can do it too.  You don't have to be sick.

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”
                                                            -Hippocrates (father of medicine)

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