The world is mad. Where we think that drugs (that we have no idea what they are doing) will be a fix all. A world where we believe we have no control over if we get sick or not. Like it is a lucky hit or miss. USA has the highest in cancer than anywhere else in the world. Yet we have the most doctors, and highest, and best healthcare? Our food is full of more, and more chemicals, then ever before, and we have more sickness, then ever before.
Genetically modified food is illegal, and banned in most places in the world. But here, we are not even told about them, and most people don't even know, what is a GMO food. Our government subsidizes genetically modified food, and food full of pesticides, and herbicides. The government helps these corporations that are keeping us sick, yet makes it harder for us, to get good, clean, healthy food. Food that our bodies need, to get and stay healthy, by keeping them, way more expensive, and making organic farming harder, and harder. Suppressing cures, and manipulating studies, in favor of the corporations, that are funding them. We are running factory farming, of animals, like no where in the world would do. This is why no where in the world would ever import our meat to their country., But, we're led to believe, our food is better, then anywhere else, because of the FDA, is watching out for us?… What a load of bull! We're told to listen to our doctors. The doctors that went to all those years of schooling, only had two hours of nutrition. Only 2 hours, that's funded, by the Meat, Dairy, and Sugar industry!!! This is insanity! Most doctors don't even realize this… its just crazy. They're taught to find a drug to fix their patients, keeping the pharmaceutical companies in control of our medical system.
Some doctors believe, that food that's going in your mouth and swallowed would do absolutely nothing,,, but instead take this pill put in your mouth and swallow. Really?... I call that, crazy!
"The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease." - Thomas Edison